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Bertrand Bed'Hom
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Whole-genome resequencing reveals loci under selection during chicken domestication
CJ Rubin, MC Zody, J Eriksson, JRS Meadows, E Sherwood, MT Webster, ...
Nature 464 (7288), 587-591, 2010
Identification of the yellow skin gene reveals a hybrid origin of the domestic chicken
J Eriksson, G Larson, U Gunnarsson, B Bed'hom, M Tixier-Boichard, ...
PLoS genetics 4 (2), e1000010, 2008
Copy number variation in intron 1 of SOX5 causes the Pea-comb phenotype in chickens
D Wright, H Boije, JRS Meadows, B Bed'hom, D Gourichon, A Vieaud, ...
PLoS genetics 5 (6), e1000512, 2009
Mutations in SLC45A2 cause plumage color variation in chicken and Japanese quail
U Gunnarsson, AR Hellström, M Tixier-Boichard, F Minvielle, B Bed'Hom, ...
Genetics 175 (2), 867-877, 2007
Structural and functional annotation of the porcine immunome
HD Dawson, JE Loveland, G Pascal, JGR Gilbert, H Uenishi, KM Mann, ...
BMC genomics 14 (1), 332, 2013
Chicken domestication: From archeology to genomics
M Tixier-Boichard, B Bed’hom, X Rognon
Comptes Rendus Biologies 334 (3), 197-204, 2011
Sequencing three crocodilian genomes to illuminate the evolution of archosaurs and amniotes
JA St John, EL Braun, SR Isberg, LG Miles, AY Chong, J Gongora, ...
Genome biology 13 (1), 415, 2012
The Rose-comb mutation in chickens constitutes a structural rearrangement causing both altered comb morphology and defective sperm motility
F Imsland, C Feng, H Boije, B Bed'Hom, V Fillon, B Dorshorst, CJ Rubin, ...
PLoS Genetics 8 (6), e1002775, 2012
Cryptic patterning of avian skin confers a developmental facility for loss of neck feathering
C Mou, F Pitel, D Gourichon, F Vignoles, A Tzika, P Tato, L Yu, DW Burt, ...
PLoS biology 9 (3), e1001028, 2011
Using molecular markers and multivariate methods to study the genetic diversity of local European and Asian chicken breeds
C Berthouly, B Bed'Hom, M Tixier‐Boichard, CF Chen, YP Lee, D Laloë, ...
Animal genetics 39 (2), 121-129, 2008
The Dark brown plumage color in chickens is caused by an 8.3‐kb deletion upstream of SOX10
U Gunnarsson, S Kerje, B Bed’hom, AS Sahlqvist, O Ekwall, ...
Pigment cell & melanoma research 24 (2), 268-274, 2011
Comparison of SNPs and microsatellites for assessing the genetic structure of chicken populations
C Gärke, F Ytournel, B Bed’hom, I Gut, M Lathrop, S Weigend, H Simianer
Animal Genetics 43 (4), 419-428, 2012
A single point-mutation within the melanophilin gene causes the lavender plumage colour dilution phenotype in the chicken
M Vaez, SA Follett, B Bed'Hom, D Gourichon, M Tixier-Boichard, T Burke
BMC genetics 9 (1), 7, 2008
Rapid Discovery of De Novo Deleterious Mutations in Cattle Enhances the Value of Livestock as Model Species
E Bourneuf, P Otz, H Pausch, V Jagannathan, P Michot, C Grohs, G Piton, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 11466, 2017
Genetic analysis of local Vietnamese chickens provides evidence of gene flow from wild to domestic populations
C Berthouly, G Leroy, TN Van, HH Thanh, B Bed'Hom, BT Nguyen, ...
BMC genetics 10 (1), 1, 2009
A high-density SNP panel reveals extensive diversity, frequent recombination and multiple recombination hotspots within the chicken major histocompatibility complex B region …
JE Fulton, AM McCarron, AR Lund, KN Pinegar, A Wolc, O Chazara, ...
Genetics Selection Evolution 48 (1), 1-15, 2016
Transcriptome-wide investigation of genomic imprinting in chicken
L Frésard, S Leroux, B Servin, D Gourichon, P Dehais, M San Cristobal, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (6), 3768-3782, 2014
Vietnamese chickens: a gate towards Asian genetic diversity
C Berthouly-Salazar, X Rognon, TN Van, M Gély, CV Chi, ...
BMC genetics 11 (1), 53, 2010
Research article Vietnamese chickens: a gate towards Asian genetic diversity
C Berthouly-Salazar, X Rognon, TN Van, M Gély, CV Chi, ...
Sex‐linked barring in chickens is controlled by the CDKN2A/B tumour suppressor locus
AR Hellström, E Sundström, U Gunnarsson, B Bed’Hom, ...
Pigment cell & melanoma research 23 (4), 521-530, 2010
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