Luis Sáenz Carbonell
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Regeneration of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) from plumule explants through somatic embryogenesis
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GA3 stimulates the formation and germination of somatic embryos and the expression of a KNOTTED-like homeobox gene of Cocos nucifera (L.)
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Lead accumulation reduces photosynthesis in the lead hyper-accumulator Salvinia minima Baker by affecting the cell membrane and inducing stomatal closure
DA Leal-Alvarado, F Espadas-Gil, L Sáenz-Carbonell, C Talavera-May, ...
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5-Azacytidine: a promoter of epigenetic changes in the quest to improve plant somatic embryogenesis
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A real-time PCR assay for detection of coconut lethal yellowing phytoplasmas of group 16SrIV subgroups A, D and E found in the Americas
I Córdova, C Oropeza, C Puch-Hau, N Harrison, A Collí-Rodríguez, N M, ...
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Effect of the medium pH on the release of secondary metabolites from roots ofDatura stramonium, Catharanthus roseus, andTagetes patula cultured in vitro
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EffHunter: A tool for prediction of effector protein candidates in fungal proteomic databases
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Changes in the alkaloid content of plants of Catharanthus roseus L.(Don). as a result of water stress and treatment with abscisic acid
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Reliable improved molecular detection of coconut lethal yellowing phytoplasma and reduction of associated disease through field management strategies.
W Myrie, C Oropeza, L Saenz, N Harrison, MM Roca, I Córdova, S Ku, ...
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