Luis Alvarez de Cienfuegos
Luis Alvarez de Cienfuegos
Profesor de Química Orgánica, Universidad de Granada
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Polymeric coatings that inactivate both influenza virus and pathogenic bacteria
J Haldar, D An, LA de Cienfuegos, J Chen, AM Klibanov
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (47), 17667-17671, 2006
Bioinspired terpene synthesis: a radical approach
J Justicia, LA de Cienfuegos, AG Campana, D Miguel, V Jakoby, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 40 (7), 3525-3537, 2011
Methods for the preparation of targeting agent functionalized diblock copolymers for use in fabrication of therapeutic targeted nanoparticles
US Patent 8,734,846, 2014
Organic-based molecular switches for molecular electronics
N Fuentes, A Martín-Lasanta, LÁ de Cienfuegos, M Ribagorda, A Parra, ...
Nanoscale 3 (10), 4003-4014, 2011
Recent applications of Cp 2 TiCl in natural product synthesis
SP Morcillo, D Miguel, AG Campaña, LÁ de Cienfuegos, J Justicia, ...
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 1 (1), 15-33, 2014
Unexpected TiIII/Mn-Promoted Pinacol Coupling of Ketones
M Paradas, AG Campana, RE Estevez, L Alvarez de Cienfuegos, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 74 (9), 3616-3619, 2009
Model system for cell adhesion mediated by weak carbohydrate–carbohydrate interactions
B Lorenz, L Álvarez de Cienfuegos, M Oelkers, E Kriemen, C Brand, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (7), 3326-3329, 2012
Water control over the chemoselectivity of a Ti/Ni multimetallic system: Heck-or reductive-type cyclization reactions of alkyl iodides
A Millán, L Álvarez de Cienfuegos, D Miguel, AG Campana, JM Cuerva
Organic letters 14 (23), 5984-5987, 2012
Mild Method for the Selective Esterification of Carboxylic Acids Based on the Garegg− Samuelsson Reaction
SP Morcillo, L Alvarez de Cienfuegos, AJ Mota, J Justicia, R Robles
The Journal of organic chemistry 76 (7), 2277-2281, 2011
Ti/Pd bimetallic systems for the efficient allylation of carbonyl compounds and homocoupling reactions
A Millán, AG Campana, B Bazdi, D Miguel, L Alvarez de Cienfuegos, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 17 (14), 3985-3994, 2011
Stapled helical o-OPE foldamers as new circularly polarized luminescence emitters based on carbophilic interactions with Ag (I)-sensitivity
SP Morcillo, D Miguel, LÁ de Cienfuegos, J Justicia, S Abbate, ...
Chemical science 7 (9), 5663-5670, 2016
Attaching zanamivir to a polymer markedly enhances its activity against drug-resistant strains of influenza a virus
AK Weight, J Haldar, LÁ de Cienfuegos, LV Gubareva, TM Tumpey, ...
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences 100 (3), 831-835, 2011
Toward multiple conductance pathways with heterocycle-based oligo (phenyleneethynylene) derivatives
D Miguel, L Alvarez de Cienfuegos, A Martín-Lasanta, SP Morcillo, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (43), 13818-13826, 2015
Versatile Bottom‐up Approach to Stapled π‐Conjugated Helical Scaffolds: Synthesis and Chiroptical Properties of Cyclic o‐Phenylene Ethynylene Oligomers
N Fuentes, A Martin‐Lasanta, L Alvarez de Cienfuegos, R Robles, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (52), 13036-13040, 2012
Titanium/Palladium‐Mediated Regioselective Propargylation of Ketones using Propargylic Carbonates as Pronucleophiles
A Millan, LÁ de Cienfuegos, A Martin‐Lasanta, AG Campana, JM Cuerva
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 353 (1), 73-78, 2011
Ti-catalyzed transannular cyclization of epoxygermacrolides. Synthesis of antifungal (+)-tuberiferine and (+)-dehydrobrachylaenolide
J Justicia, LÁ de Cienfuegos, RE Estevez, M Paradas, AM Lasanta, ...
Tetrahedron 64 (52), 11938-11943, 2008
Reduction reactions in green solvents: water, supercritical carbon dioxide, and ionic liquids
L Alvarez de Cienfuegos, R Robles, D Miguel, J Justicia, JM Cuerva
ChemSusChem 4 (8), 1035-1048, 2011
Ti/Pd-promoted intramolecular Michael-type addition of allylic carboxylates to activated alkenes
A Millan, A Martín-Lasanta, D Miguel, LA de Cienfuegos, JM Cuerva
Chemical Communications 47 (37), 10470-10472, 2011
Bifunctional polymeric inhibitors of human influenza A viruses
J Haldar, LÁ De Cienfuegos, TM Tumpey, LV Gubareva, J Chen, ...
Pharmaceutical research 27 (2), 259-263, 2010
Efficient and selective synthesis of glycofuranosyl azides and nucleosides from cyclic 1, 2-thiocarbonate sugars
L Álvarez de Cienfuegos, C Rodríguez, AJ Mota, R Robles
Organic letters 5 (15), 2743-2745, 2003
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