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MicroRNA profiling of Parkinson's disease brains identifies early downregulation of miR-34b/c which modulate mitochondrial function
E Miñones-Moyano, S Porta, G Escaramís, R Rabionet, S Iraola, ...
Human molecular genetics 20 (15), 3067-3078, 2011
Developmental analysis of Lingo‐1/Lern1 protein expression in the mouse brain: Interaction of its intracellular domain with Myt1l
F Llorens, V Gil, S Iraola, L Carim‐Todd, E Martí, X Estivill, E Soriano, ...
Developmental neurobiology 68 (4), 521-541, 2008
Studies with neuronal cells: from basic studies of mechanisms of neurotoxicity to the prediction of chemical toxicity
C Suñol, Z Babot, E Fonfría, M Galofré, D Garcia, N Herrera, S Iraola, ...
Toxicology in Vitro 22 (5), 1350-1355, 2008
Patterns of genomic variation in the opportunistic pathogen Candida glabrata suggest the existence of mating and a secondary association with humans
L Carreté, E Ksiezopolska, C Pegueroles, E Gómez-Molero, E Saus, ...
Current Biology 28 (1), 15-27. e7, 2018
Multiple platform assessment of the EGF dependent transcriptome by microarray and deep tag sequencing analysis
F Llorens, M Hummel, X Pastor, A Ferrer, R Pluvinet, A Vivancos, ...
BMC genomics 12 (1), 326, 2011
GABAA receptor and cell membrane potential as functional endpoints in cultured neurons to evaluate chemicals for human acute toxicity
M Galofré, Z Babot, DA García, S Iraola, E Rodríguez-Farré, A Forsby, ...
Neurotoxicology and teratology 32 (1), 52-61, 2010
Citizen science charts two major “stomatotypes” in the oral microbiome of adolescents and reveals links with habits and drinking water composition
JR Willis, P González-Torres, AA Pittis, LA Bejarano, L Cozzuto, ...
Microbiome 6 (1), 218, 2018
Microbiome and colorectal cancer: Roles in carcinogenesis and clinical potential
E Saus, S Iraola-Guzmán, JR Willis, A Brunet-Vega, T Gabaldón
Molecular aspects of medicine, 2019
Transcriptomic analyses reveal groups of co-expressed, syntenic lncRNAs in four species of the genus Caenorhabditis
C Pegueroles, S Iraola-Guzmán, U Chorostecki, E Ksiezopolska, E Saus, ...
RNA biology 16 (3), 320-329, 2019
Patterns of genomic variation in the opportunistic pathogen candida glabrata suggest the existence of mating and a secondary association with humans
L Carreté Muñoz, E Ksiezopolska, MC Pegueroles Queralt, ...
Elsevier, 2018
Long Non-Coding RNAs As Potential Novel Prognostic Biomarkers in Colorectal Cancer
E Saus Martínez, A Brunet-Vega, S Iraola Guzman, ...
Frontiers in Genetics. 2016; 7: 54, 2016
Multiple platform assessmant of the EGF dependent transcritpome by microarrays and deep TAG sequencing analysis
F Llorens Torres, M Hummel, X Pastor Durán, A Ferrer, R Pluvinet, ...
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Neuronal endpoints in primary neuronal cultures to evaluate and predict human acute neurotoxicity
M Galofré, D García, Z Babot, S Iraola, C Suñol
Toxicology Letters, S117, 2008
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