Elna Nilsson
Elna Nilsson
Combustion Physics, Lund University
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Laminar burning velocities of n-heptane, iso-octane, ethanol and their binary and tertiary mixtures
JPJ Van Lipzig, EJK Nilsson, LPH De Goey, AA Konnov
Fuel 90 (8), 2773-2781, 2011
An experimental and modeling study of propene oxidation. Part 2: Ignition delay time and flame speed measurements
SM Burke, U Burke, R Mc Donagh, O Mathieu, I Osorio, C Keesee, ...
Combustion and Flame 162 (2), 296-314, 2015
Laminar burning velocity of gasoline and the gasoline surrogate components iso-octane, n-heptane and toluene
L Sileghem, VA Alekseev, J Vancoillie, KM Van Geem, EJK Nilsson, ...
Fuel 112, 355-365, 2013
Laminar burning velocities of primary reference fuels and simple alcohols
L Sileghem, VA Alekseev, J Vancoillie, EJK Nilsson, S Verhelst, ...
Fuel 115, 32-40, 2014
On the performance of quantum chemical methods to predict solvatochromic effects: The case of acrolein in aqueous solution
K Aidas, A Møgelhøj, EJK Nilsson, MS Johnson, KV Mikkelsen, ...
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Temperature dependence of the laminar burning velocity of methanol flames
J Vancoillie, M Christensen, EJK Nilsson, S Verhelst, AA Konnov
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A photochemical reactor for studies of atmospheric chemistry
EJK Nilsson, C Eskebjerg, MS Johnson
Atmospheric Environment 43 (18), 3029-3033, 2009
Experimental uncertainties of the heat flux method for measuring burning velocities
VA Alekseev, JD Naucler, M Christensen, EJK Nilsson, EN Volkov, ...
Combustion Science and Technology 188 (6), 853-894, 2016
UV and IR absorption cross-sections of HCHO, HCDO, and DCDO
A Gratien, E Nilsson, JF Doussin, MS Johnson, CJ Nielsen, Y Stenstrøm, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (45), 11506-11513, 2007
Atmospheric chemistry of trans-CF3CHCHCl: Kinetics of the gas-phase reactions with Cl atoms, OH radicals, and O3
MPS Andersen, EJK Nilsson, OJ Nielsen, MS Johnson, MD Hurley, ...
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 199 (1), 92-97, 2008
The comparative and combined effects of hydrogen addition on the laminar burning velocities of methane and its blends with ethane and propane
EJK Nilsson, A van Sprang, J Larfeldt, AA Konnov
Fuel 189, 369-376, 2017
Atmospheric deuterium fractionation: HCHO and HCDO yields in the CH2DO+O2 reaction
E Nilsson, MS Johnson, F Taketani, Y Matsumi, MD Hurley, TJ Wallington
Large Eddy Simulation of a premixed bluff body stabilized flame using global and skeletal reaction mechanisms
N Zettervall, K Nordin-Bates, EJK Nilsson, C Fureby
Combustion and Flame 179, 1-22, 2017
Atmospheric chemistry of two biodiesel model compounds: Methyl propionate and ethyl acetate
VF Andersen, TA Berhanu, EJK Nilsson, S Jørgensen, OJ Nielsen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115 (32), 8906-8919, 2011
Atmospheric chemistry of cis-CF3CHCHF: Kinetics of reactions with OH radicals and O3 and products of OH radical initiated oxidation
EJK Nilsson, OJ Nielsen, MS Johnson, MD Hurley, TJ Wallington
Chemical Physics Letters 473 (4-6), 233-237, 2009
Laminar burning velocity of nitromethane+ air flames: A comparison of flat and spherical flames
JD Nauclér, EJK Nilsson, AA Konnov
Combustion and Flame 162 (10), 3803-3809, 2015
Laminar burning velocities of dimethyl carbonate with air
ME Bardin, EV Ivanov, EJK Nilsson, VA Vinokurov, AA Konnov
Energy & fuels 27 (9), 5513-5517, 2013
Laminar burning velocities of acetone in air at room and elevated temperatures
EJK Nilsson, LPH De Goey, AA Konnov
Fuel 105, 496-502, 2013
Laminar premixed flat non-stretched lean flames of hydrogen in air
VA Alekseev, M Christensen, E Berrocal, EJK Nilsson, AA Konnov
Combustion and Flame 162 (10), 4063-4074, 2015
Kinetics of premixed acetaldehyde+ air flames
M Christensen, MT Abebe, EJK Nilsson, AA Konnov
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (1), 499-506, 2015
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