Yong He (何勇)
Yong He (何勇)
State Key Laboratory of Clean Energy Utilization, Zhejiang University
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TGA pyrolysis and gasification of combustible municipal solid waste
S Chen, A Meng, Y Long, H Zhou, Q Li, Y Zhang
Journal of the energy institute 88 (3), 332-343, 2015
In-situ measurement of sodium and potassium release during oxy-fuel combustion of lignite using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: effects of O2 and CO2 concentration
Y He, J Zhu, B Li, Z Wang, Z Li, M Aldén, K Cen
Energy & fuels 27 (2), 1123-1130, 2013
Investigation of laminar flame speeds of typical syngas using laser based Bunsen method and kinetic simulation
Y He, Z Wang, L Yang, R Whiddon, Z Li, J Zhou, K Cen
Fuel 95, 206-213, 2012
Effect of H2/CO ratio and N2/CO2 dilution rate on laminar burning velocity of syngas investigated by direct measurement and simulation
ZH Wang, WB Weng, Y He, ZS Li, KF Cen
Fuel 141, 285-292, 2015
Pyrolysis behavior of a typical Chinese sub-bituminous Zhundong coal from moderate to high temperatures
K Zhang, Y Li, Z Wang, Q Li, R Whiddon, Y He, K Cen
Fuel 185, 701-708, 2016
LIBS measurements and numerical studies of potassium release during biomass gasification
H Fatehi, Y He, Z Wang, ZS Li, XS Bai, M Aldén, KF Cen
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 35 (2), 2389-2396, 2015
Experimental and modeling study of pyrolysis of coal, biomass and blended coal–biomass particles
K Wan, Z Wang, Y He, J Xia, Z Zhou, J Zhou, K Cen
Fuel 139, 356-364, 2015
Characteristics of O3 Oxidation for Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitration with Limestone–Gypsum Wet Scrubbing: Application in a Carbon Black Drying …
Q Ma, Z Wang, F Lin, M Kuang, R Whiddon, Y He, J Liu
Energy & Fuels 30 (3), 2302-2308, 2016
Measurements of NO concentration in NH3-doped CH4+ air flames using saturated laser-induced fluorescence and probe sampling
B Li, Y He, Z Li, AA Konnov
Combustion and flame 160 (1), 40-46, 2013
Effect of N2/CO2 dilution on laminar burning velocity of H2–CO–O2 oxy-fuel premixed flame
WB Weng, ZH Wang, Y He, R Whiddon, YJ Zhou, ZS Li, KF Cen
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 40 (2), 1203-1211, 2015
Effects of CO content on laminar burning velocity of typical syngas by heat flux method and kinetic modeling
Y He, Z Wang, W Weng, Y Zhu, J Zhou, K Cen
International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (17), 9534-9544, 2014
Ozone production in parallel multichannel dielectric barrier discharge from oxygen and air: the influence of gas pressure
D Yuan, Z Wang, C Ding, Y He, R Whiddon, K Cen
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (45), 455203, 2016
Catalytic oxidation of NO by O 2 over CeO 2–MnO x: SO 2 poisoning mechanism
F Lin, Y He, Z Wang, Q Ma, R Whiddon, Y Zhu, J Liu
Rsc Advances 6 (37), 31422-31430, 2016
Catalytic effect of metal chlorides on coal pyrolysis and gasification part I. Combined TG-FTIR study for coal pyrolysis
L Liu, S Kumar, Z Wang, Y He, J Liu, K Cen
Thermochimica Acta 655, 331-336, 2017
Visualization of multi-regime turbulent combustion in swirl-stabilized lean premixed flames
B Zhou, Q Li, Y He, P Petersson, Z Li, M Aldén, XS Bai
Combustion and Flame 162 (7), 2954-2958, 2015
Multi-stage semi-coke activation for the removal of SO2 and NO
K Zhang, Y He, Z Wang, T Huang, Q Li, S Kumar, K Cen
Fuel 210, 738-747, 2017
Droplet digital PCR for absolute quantification of EML4-ALK gene rearrangement in lung adenocarcinoma
Q Wang, X Yang, Y He, Q Ma, L Lin, P Fu, H Xiao
The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics 17 (5), 515-520, 2015
Measurement of atomic sodium release during pyrolysis and combustion of sodium-enriched Zhundong coal pellet
Z Wang, Y Liu, R Whiddon, K Wan, Y He, J Xia, K Cen
Combustion and Flame 176, 429-438, 2017
Investigation of NO formation in premixed adiabatic laminar flames of H2/CO syngas and air by saturated laser-induced fluorescence and kinetic modeling
Z Wang, Y Zhou, R Whiddon, Y He, K Cen, Z Li
Combustion and Flame 164, 283-293, 2016
Characteristics of alkali species release from a burning coal/biomass blend
Y Liu, Y He, Z Wang, J Xia, K Wan, R Whiddon, K Cen
Applied Energy 215, 523-531, 2018
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