Martí Perarnau-Llobet
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Extractable work from correlations
M Perarnau-Llobet, KV Hovhannisyan, M Huber, P Skrzypczyk, N Brunner, ...
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Entanglement generation is not necessary for optimal work extraction
KV Hovhannisyan, M Perarnau-Llobet, M Huber, A Acín
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Markovian master equations for quantum thermal machines: local versus global approach
PP Hofer, M Perarnau-Llobet, LDM Miranda, G Haack, R Silva, JB Brask, ...
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No-go theorem for the characterization of work fluctuations in coherent quantum systems
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Thermodynamic cost of creating correlations
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Autonomous quantum refrigerator in a circuit QED architecture based on a Josephson junction
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Thermodynamics of creating correlations: Limitations and optimal protocols
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Quantum thermal machine as a thermometer
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Energetics of correlations in interacting systems
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Work and entropy production in generalised Gibbs ensembles
M Perarnau-Llobet, A Riera, R Gallego, H Wilming, J Eisert
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Most energetic passive states
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Differential evolution for many-particle adaptive quantum metrology
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Locality of temperature in spin chains
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Adding dynamical generators in quantum master equations
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Thermodynamic length in open quantum systems
M Scandi, M Perarnau-Llobet
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Fluctuating work in coherent quantum systems: Proposals and limitations
E Bäumer, M Lostaglio, M Perarnau-Llobet, R Sampaio
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Work fluctuations in slow processes: quantum signatures and optimal control
HJD Miller, M Scandi, J Anders, M Perarnau-Llobet
Physical Review Letters 123 (23), 230603, 2019
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