Eva Villar-Álvarez
Eva Villar-Álvarez
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Fluorescent drug-loaded, polymeric-based, branched gold nanoshells for localized multimodal therapy and imaging of tumoral cells
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Modulation of volume fraction results in different kinetic effects in Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction confined in AOT-reverse microemulsion
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Complex self-assembly of reverse poly (butylene oxide)-poly (ethylene oxide)-poly (butylene oxide) triblock copolymers with long hydrophobic and extremely lengthy hydrophilic …
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Combination of light-driven co-delivery of chemodrugs and plasmonic-induced heat for cancer therapeutics using hybrid protein nanocapsules
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Surface Self-Assembly and Properties of Monolayers Formed by Reverse Poly (butylene oxide)-poly (ethylene oxide)-poly (butylene oxide) Triblock Copolymers with Lengthy …
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Analysis of the influence of synthetic paramaters on the structure and physico-chemical properties of non-spherical iron oxide nanocrystals and their biological stability and …
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Reverse poly (butylene oxide)–poly (ethylene oxide)–poly (butylene oxide) block copolymers with lengthy hydrophilic blocks as efficient single and dual drug-loaded nanocarriers …
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S Vidawati, S Barbosa, P Taboada, E Villar, A Topete, V Mosquera
Advances in Biological Chemistry 8 (5), 91-100, 2018
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