Maité Sylla Iyarreta Veitia
Maité Sylla Iyarreta Veitia
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Visible light photoredox organocatalysis: a fully transition metal-free direct asymmetric α-alkylation of aldehydes
K Fidaly, C Ceballos, A Falguières, MSI Veitia, A Guy, C Ferroud
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Ligand-Based Virtual Screening and in Silico Design of New Antimalarial Compounds Using Nonstochastic and Stochastic Total and Atom-Type Quadratic Maps.
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Non-stochastic and stochastic Linear Indices of the" Molecular Pseudograph's Atom Adjacency Matrix": Application to" in silico" Studies for the Rational Discovery of New …
RNGS Y. Marrero Ponce*, A. Montero Torres, C. Romero Zaldivar, M. Iyarreta ...
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Synthesis, structural analysis and anticonvulsant activity of a ternary Cu (II) mononuclear complex containing 1, 10-phenanthroline and the leading antiepileptic drug valproic acid
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New activation methods used in green chemistry for the synthesis of high added value molecules
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Development of an in Silico Model of DPPH• Free Radical Scavenging Capacity: Prediction of Antioxidant Activity of Coumarin Type Compounds
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A simple and direct access to ethylidene malonates
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Fishing anti-inflammatories from known drugs: in silico repurposing, design, synthesis and biological evaluation of bisacodyl analogues
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Current topics in medicinal chemistry 17 (25), 2866-2887, 2017
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Straightforward synthesis of PET tracer precursors used for the early diagnosis of Alzheimers disease through Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling reactions
G Bort, MSI Veitía, C Ferroud
Tetrahedron 69 (35), 7345-7353, 2013
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