Zisis Vryzas
Zisis Vryzas
Assistant Professor at LAU-Petroleum Engineering
Correu electrònic verificat a lau.edu.lb
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Citada per
Nanoparticle-based drilling fluids for minimizing formation damage in HP/HT applications
O Mahmoud, HA Nasr-El-Din, Z Vryzas, VC Kelessidis
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Nano-based drilling fluids: A review
Z Vryzas, VC Kelessidis
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Z Vryzas, O Mahmoud, HA Nasr-El-Din, VC Kelessidis
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Characterization of filter cake generated by nanoparticle-based drilling fluid for HP/HT applications
O Mahmoud, HA Nasr-El-Din, Z Vryzas, VC Kelessidis
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Z Vryzas, V Zaspalis, L Nalbantian, O Mahmoud, HA Nasr-El-Din, ...
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Using Ferric Oxide and Silica Nanoparticles To Develop Modified Calcium Bentonite Drilling Fluids
O Mahmoud, HA Nasr-El-Din, Z Vryzas, VC Kelessidis
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Incorporation of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles as Drilling Fluid Additives for Improved Drilling Operations
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Z Vryzas, Y Wubulikasimu, D Gerogiorgis, VC Kelessidis
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Experimentally validated first-principles multivariate modeling for rheological study and design of complex drilling nanofluid systems
DI Gerogiorgis, S Reilly, Z Vryzas, VC Kelessidis
SPE/IADC drilling conference and exhibition, 2017
Smart Magnetic Drilling Fluid With In-Situ Rheological Controllability Using Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
Z Vryzas, VC Kelessidis, MBJ Bowman, L Nalbantian, V Zaspalis, ...
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Development and parameter estimation for a multivariate Herschel-Bulkley rheological model of a nanoparticle-based smart drilling fluid
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Materials Today: Proceedings 5 (14), 27387-27396, 2018
Assessment of Formation Damage Potential of Novel Drilling Fluids via Integration of Fluid Loss Data with Filter Cake Quality and Filtrate Core Penetration Depth from NMR and MRI
Z Vryzas, G Matenoglou, VC Kelessidis
Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference, 2017
Development of novel drilling-fluid nanoparticles for enhanced drilling operations
C Carpenter
Journal of Petroleum Technology 68 (11), 48-50, 2016
Utilization of iron oxide nanoparticles in drilling fluids improves fluid loss and formation damage characteristics
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First EAGE Workshop on Well Injectivity and Productivity in Carbonates 2015 …, 2015
Improvement of drilling fluid flow parameters using nanoparticles for optimization of drilling process
Z Vryzas, P Arkoudeas, VC Kelessidis
Proceedings of the International Conference on Safe and Sustainable …, 2014
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