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What do you do, titanium? Insight into the role of titanium oxide as a water oxidation promoter in hematite-based photoanodes
D Monllor-Satoca, M Bärtsch, C Fabrega, A Genç, S Reinhard, T Andreu, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (11), 3242-3254, 2015
Enhanced photoelectrochemical activity of an excitonic staircase in CdS@ TiO 2 and CdS@ anatase@ rutile TiO 2 heterostructures
J Li, MWG Hoffmann, H Shen, C Fabrega, JD Prades, T Andreu, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (38), 20472-20476, 2012
Band engineered epitaxial 3D GaN-InGaN core–shell rod arrays as an advanced photoanode for visible-light-driven water splitting
L Caccamo, J Hartmann, C Fàbrega, S Estrade, G Lilienkamp, JD Prades, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 6 (4), 2235-2240, 2014
Location and catalytic role of iron species in TiO2: Fe photocatalysts: An EPR study
C Fàbrega, T Andreu, A Cabot, JR Morante
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 211 (2-3), 170-175, 2010
Efficient WO3 photoanodes fabricated by pulsed laser deposition for photoelectrochemical water splitting with high faradaic efficiency
C Fàbrega, S Murcia-López, D Monllor-Satoca, JD Prades, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 189, 133-140, 2016
Tuning the Fermi Level and the Kinetics of Surface States of TiO2 Nanorods by Means of Ammonia Treatments
C Fàbrega, D Monllor-Satoca, S Ampudia, A Parra, T Andreu, JR Morante
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (40), 20517-20524, 2013
Control of the doping concentration, morphology and optoelectronic properties of vertically aligned chlorine-doped ZnO nanowires
J Fan, A Shavel, R Zamani, C Fábrega, J Rousset, S Haller, F Güell, ...
Acta Materialia, 2011
Engineering the TiO2 outermost layers using magnesium for carbon dioxide photoreduction
M Manzanares, C Fàbrega, JO Ossó, LF Vega, T Andreu, JR Morante
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 150, 57-62, 2014
On the photoconduction properties of low resistivity TiO2 nanotubes
C Fàbrega, F Hernández-Ramírez, JD Prades, R Jiménez-Díaz, T Andreu, ...
Nanotechnology 21, 445703, 2010
A Parts Per Billion (ppb) Sensor for NO2 with Microwatt (μW) Power Requirements Based on Micro Light Plates
O Casals, N Markiewicz, C Fabrega, I Gràcia, C Cané, HS Wasisto, ...
ACS sensors 4 (4), 822-826, 2019
Copper (II) oxide nanowires for p-type conductometric NH3 sensing
F Shao, F Hernández-Ramírez, JD Prades, C Fàbrega, T Andreu, ...
Applied surface science 311, 177-181, 2014
Tailoring Multilayered BiVO4 Photoanodes by Pulsed Laser Deposition for Water Splitting
S Murcia-López, C Fàbrega, D Monllor-Satoca, MD Hernández-Alonso, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (6), 4076-4085, 2016
A review on efficient self-heating in nanowire sensors: Prospects for very-low power devices
C Fàbrega, O Casals, F Hernández-Ramírez, JD Prades
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 256, 797-811, 2018
Optimization of surface charge transfer processes on rutile TiO2 nanorods photoanodes for water splitting
C Fabrega, T Andreu, A Tarancón, C Flox, A Morata, L Calvo-Barrio, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy 38 (7), 2979-2985, 2013
Highly electrocatalytic flexible nanofiber for improved vanadium-based redox flow battery cathode electrodes
C Flox, C Fàbrega, T Andreu, A Morata, M Skoumal, J Rubio-Garcia, ...
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Micro light plates for low-power photoactivated (gas) sensors
N Markiewicz, O Casals, C Fabrega, I Gràcia, C Cané, HS Wasisto, ...
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Solution-growth and optoelectronic performance of ZnO: Cl/TiO2 and ZnO: Cl/ZnxTiOy/TiO2 core–shell nanowires with tunable shell thickness
J Fan, R Zamani, C Fábrega, A Shavel, C Flox, M Ibáñez, T Andreu, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45 (41), 415301, 2012
Hydrogen‐Treated Rutile TiO2 Shell in Graphite‐Core Structure as a Negative Electrode for High‐Performance Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries
J Vázquez‐Galván, C Flox, C Fàbrega, E Ventosa, A Parra, T Andreu, ...
ChemSusChem 10 (9), 2089-2098, 2017
Solution-growth and optoelectronic properties of ZnO: Cl@ ZnS core–shell nanowires with tunable shell thickness
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Visible photoluminescence components of solution-grown ZnO nanowires: influence of the surface depletion layer
J Fan, F Güell, C Fabrega, A Fairbrother, T Andreu, AM López, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (36), 19496-19502, 2012
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