Alfonso Fernández-Mayoralas
Alfonso Fernández-Mayoralas
Instituto de Química Orgánica General, IQOG-CSIC
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Asymmetric aldol reaction using immobilized proline on mesoporous support
F Calderón, R Fernández, F Sánchez, A Fernández‐Mayoralas
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 347 (10), 1395-1403, 2005
Effect of the solvent on enzyme regioselectivity
E Rubio, A Fernandez-Mayorales, AM Klibanov
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Asymmetric aldol reaction catalyzed by a heterogenized proline on a mesoporous support. The role of the nature of solvents
EG Doyagüez, F Calderon, F Sanchez, A Fernandez-Mayoralas
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Enzymic. beta.-Galactosidation of Modified Monosaccharides: Study of the Enzyme Selectivity for the Acceptor and Its Application to the Synthesis of Disaccharides
R Lopez, A Fernandez-Mayoralas
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 59 (4), 737-745, 1994
Synthesis and biological studies of glycosyl dopamine derivatives as potential antiparkinsonian agents
C Fernández, O Nieto, E Rivas, G Montenegro, JA Fontenla, ...
Carbohydrate research 327 (4), 353-365, 2000
Preparation of pyranoid glycal derivatives from phenyl thioglycosides and glycosyl phenyl sulphones
A Fernandez-Mayoralas, A Marra, M Trumtel, A Veyrières, P Sinaÿ
Carbohydrate Research 188, 81-95, 1989
Synthesis of glycosyl derivatives as dopamine prodrugs: interaction with glucose carrier GLUT-1
C Fernández, O Nieto, JA Fontenla, E Rivas, ML de Ceballos, ...
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Enzymes in the synthesis of bioactive compounds: the prodigious decades
E Garcı́a-Junceda, JF Garcı́a-Garcı́a, A Bastida, A Fernández-Mayoralas
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 12 (8), 1817-1834, 2004
NMR investigations of protein-carbohydrate interactions: refined three-dimensional structure of the complex between hevein and methyl β-chitobioside
JL Asensio, FJ Cañada, M Bruix, C González, N Khiar, ...
Glycobiology 8 (6), 569-577, 1998
Synthesis of azasugars through a proline-catalyzed reaction
F Calderón, EG Doyagüez, A Fernández-Mayoralas
The Journal of organic chemistry 71 (16), 6258-6261, 2006
Synthesis and modification of carbohydrates using glycosidases and lipases
A Fernández-Mayoralas
Glycoscience Synthesis of Oligosaccharides and Glycoconjugates, 1-20, 1997
Oligosaccharides structurally related to E-selectin ligands are inhibitors of neural cell division: Synthesis, conformational analysis, and biological activity
JM Coteron, K Singh, JL Asensio, M Dominguez-Dalda, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 60 (6), 1502-1519, 1995
Conformational differences between Fuc (α1–3) GlcNAc and its thioglycoside analogue
B Aguilera, J Jiménez-Barbero, A Fernández-Mayoralas
Carbohydrate research 308 (1-2), 19-27, 1998
Use of cyclic sulfamidates derived from D-allosamine in nucleophilic displacements: scope and limitations
B Aguilera, A Fernández-Mayoralas, C Jaramillo
Tetrahedron 53 (16), 5863-5876, 1997
Polymeric matrices based on graft copolymers of PCL onto acrylic backbones for releasing antitumoral drugs
GA Abraham, A Gallardo, J San Román, A Fernández‐Mayoralas, ...
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A: An Official Journal of The …, 2003
Stereoselective synthesis of the antifungal GM222712
JM Bueno, JM Coterón, JL Chiara, A Fernández-Mayoralas, JM Fiandor, ...
Tetrahedron Letters 41 (22), 4379-4382, 2000
The synthesis and resolution of (±)-1, 5, 6-tri-O-benzyl-myo-inositol
T Desai, A Fernandez-Mayoralas, J Gigg, R Gigg, S Payne
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Novel disaccharide inhibitors of human glioma cell division
B Aguilera, L Romero-Ramírez, J Abad-Rodríguez, G Corrales, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 41 (23), 4599-4606, 1998
Inhibition of proliferation of normal and transformed neural cells by blood group-related oligosaccharides.
FF Santos-Benito, A Fernández-Mayoralas, M Martin-Lomas, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 176 (3), 915-918, 1992
Inhibitors of glioma growth that reveal the tumour to the immune system
M Nieto-Sampedro, B Valle-Argos, D Gómez-Nicola, ...
Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 5, CMO. S7685, 2011
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