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Abh and AbrB Control of Bacillus subtilis Antimicrobial Gene Expression
MA Strauch, BG Bobay, J Cavanagh, F Yao, A Wilson, Y Le Breton
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Removal of the pro-domain does not affect the conformation of the procaspase-3 dimer
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Binding site on human immunoglobulin G for the affinity ligand HWRGWV
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Tandem mass spectrometry acquisition approaches to enhance identification of protein‐protein interactions using low‐energy collision‐induced dissociative chemical crosslinking …
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Evaluation of the DNA binding tendencies of the transition state regulator AbrB
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Revised structure of the AbrB N-terminal domain unifies a diverse superfamily of putative DNA-binding proteins
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Solution NMR studies of the plant peptide hormone CEP inform function
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Stoichiometries of Protein− Protein/DNA Binding and Conformational Changes for the Transition-State Regulator AbrB Measured by Pseudo Cell-Size Exclusion Chromatography− Mass …
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Harnessing calcineurin-FK506-FKBP12 crystal structures from invasive fungal pathogens to develop antifungal agents
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Insights into the nature of DNA binding of AbrB-like transcription factors
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Design of protease-resistant peptide ligands for the purification of antibodies from human plasma
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Determination of Separate Inhibitor and Substrate Binding Sites in the Dehaloperoxidase−Hemoglobin from Amphitrite ornata,
MF Davis, BG Bobay, S Franzen
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Co-evolving motions at protein− protein interfaces of two-component signaling systems identified by covariance analysis
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NMR structure of AbhN and comparison with AbrBN: first insights into the DNA binding promiscuity and specificity of AbrB-like transition state regulator proteins
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Sucrose nonfermenting 1-related protein kinase 1 phosphorylates a geminivirus Rep protein to impair viral replication and infection
W Shen, BG Bobay, LA Greeley, MI Reyes, CA Rajabu, RK Blackburn, ...
Plant physiology 178 (1), 372-389, 2018
Human norovirus aptamer exhibits high degree of target conformation-dependent binding similar to that of receptors and discriminates particle functionality
MD Moore, BG Bobay, B Mertens, LA Jaykus
Msphere 1 (6), e00298-16, 2016
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