Bryan D. Huey
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Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy
D Bonnell
Theory, Techniques, and Applications 289, 2000
Deterministic switching of ferromagnetism at room temperature using an electric field
JT Heron, JL Bosse, Q He, Y Gao, M Trassin, L Ye, JD Clarkson, C Wang, ...
Nature 516 (7531), 370-373, 2014
Direct Observation of Ferroelectric Domains in Solution-Processed CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Thin Films
Y Kutes, L Ye, Y Zhou, S Pang, BD Huey, NP Padture
The journal of physical chemistry letters 5 (19), 3335-3339, 2014
Scanning probe microscopy method for nanosuspension stabilizer selection
S Verma, BD Huey, DJ Burgess
Langmuir 25 (21), 12481-12487, 2009
Mapping the Photoresponse of CH3NH3PbI3 Hybrid Perovskite Thin Films at the Nanoscale
Y Kutes, Y Zhou, JL Bosse, J Steffes, NP Padture, BD Huey
Nano letters 16 (6), 3434-3441, 2016
High speed piezoresponse force microscopy: frame per second nanoscale imaging
R Nath, YH Chu, NA Polomoff, R Ramesh, BD Huey
Applied Physics Letters 93 (7), 072905, 2008
Enhanced piezoelectric response from barium strontium titanate multilayer films
R Nath, S Zhong, SP Alpay, BD Huey, MW Cole
Applied Physics Letters 92 (1), 012916, 2008
AFM and Acoustics: Fast, Quantitative Nanomechanical Mapping
BD Huey
Annual Review of Materials Research 37, 351-385, 2007
Ultrasharp and high aspect ratio carbon nanotube atomic force microscopy probes for enhanced surface potential imaging
M Zhao, V Sharma, H Wei, RR Birge, JA Stuart, F Papadimitrakopoulos, ...
Nanotechnology 19 (23), 235704, 2008
3D printed polyamide membranes for desalination
MR Chowdhury, J Steffes, BD Huey, JR McCutcheon
Science 361 (6403), 682-686, 2018
Low-dose focused ion beam nanofabrication and characterization by atomic force microscopy
BD Huey, RM Langford
Nanotechnology 14 (3), 409, 2003
Measurement of debonding in cracked nanocomposite films by ultrasonic force microscopy
AP McGuigan, BD Huey, GAD Briggs, OV Kolosov, Y Tsukahara, ...
Applied physics letters 80 (7), 1180-1182, 2002
Nanometer‐Scale Variations in Interface Potential by Scanning Probe Microscopy
BD Huey, D Lisjak, DA Bonnell
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 82 (7), 1941-1944, 1999
The importance of distributed loading and cantilever angle in piezo-force microscopy
BD Huey, C Ramanujan, M Bobji, J Blendell, G White, R Szoszkiewicz, ...
Journal of electroceramics 13 (1-3), 287-291, 2004
Nanoscale variation in electric potential at oxide bicrystal and polycrystal interfaces
BD Huey, DA Bonnell
Solid State Ionics 131 (1-2), 51-60, 2000
Correlations between adhesion hysteresis and friction at molecular scales
R Szoszkiewicz, B Bhushan, BD Huey, AJ Kulik, G Gremaud
The Journal of chemical physics 122 (14), 144708, 2005
Spatially localized dynamic properties of individual interfaces in semiconducting oxides
BD Huey, DA Bonnell
Applied Physics Letters 76 (8), 1012-1014, 2000
Charge transport in CdTe solar cells revealed by conductive tomographic atomic force microscopy
J Luria, Y Kutes, A Moore, L Zhang, EA Stach, BD Huey
Nature energy 1 (11), 1-6, 2016
High speed SPM applied for direct nanoscale mapping of the influence of defects on ferroelectric switching dynamics
BD Huey, R Nath Premnath, S Lee, NA Polomoff
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 95 (4), 1147-1162, 2012
Effects of coherent ferroelastic domain walls on the thermal conductivity and Kapitza conductance in bismuth ferrite
PE Hopkins, C Adamo, L Ye, BD Huey, SR Lee, DG Schlom, JF Ihlefeld
Applied Physics Letters 102 (12), 121903, 2013
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