Maria Chiara Spadaro
Maria Chiara Spadaro
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Pyramid-shaped wurtzite CdSe nanocrystals with inverted polarity
S Ghosh, R Gaspari, G Bertoni, MC Spadaro, M Prato, S Turner, A Cavalli, ...
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Controlled growth of Ni/NiO core–shell nanoparticles: Structure, morphology and tuning of magnetic properties
S D’Addato, MC Spadaro, P Luches, V Grillo, S Frabboni, S Valeri, ...
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Highly efficient plasmon-mediated electron injection into cerium oxide from embedded silver nanoparticles
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Coordination Polymer to Atomically Thin, Holey, Metal‐Oxide Nanosheets for Tuning Band Alignment
SS Mofarah, E Adabifiroozjaei, R Pardehkhorram, MHN Assadi, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (52), 1905288, 2019
On the role of the ablated mass on the propagation of a laser-generated plasma in an ambient gas
MC Spadaro, E Fazio, F Neri, S Trusso, PM Ossi
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On the influence of the mass ablated by a laser pulse on thin film morphology and optical properties
MC Spadaro, E Fazio, F Neri, PM Ossi, S Trusso
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Synergistic Computational-experimental Discovery of Highly Selective PtCu Nanocluster Catalysts for Acetylene Semihydrogenation
YVK Olumide Bolarinwa Ayodele, Rongsheng Cai, Jianguang Wang, Yasmine ...
ACS Catalysis, 2019
Insights into image contrast from dislocations in ADF-STEM
E Oveisi, MC Spadaro, E Rotunno, V Grillo, C Hébert
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Low pressure bottom-up synthesis of metal@ oxide and oxide nanoparticles: control of structure and functional properties
S D’Addato, MC Spadaro
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Lepidocrocite-like TiO2 and TiO2 (110)–(1× 2) supported on W (100)
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Electrocatalytic Behavior of PtCu Clusters Produced by Nanoparticle Beam Deposition
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Physical Review Materials 1 (3), 036001, 2017
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