Martin Martinez Ripoll
Martin Martinez Ripoll
Research Professor Emeritus - Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
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Crystal and electron microscopy structures of sticholysin II actinoporin reveal insights into the mechanism of membrane pore formation
JM Mancheño, J Martı́n-Benito, M Martı́nez-Ripoll, JG Gavilanes, ...
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Activation of bacterial thermoalkalophilic lipases is spurred by dramatic structural rearrangements
C Carrasco-López, C Godoy, B de Las Rivas, G Fernández-Lorente, ...
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The structure of the Arabidopsis thaliana SOS3: molecular mechanism of sensing calcium for salt stress response
MJ Sánchez-Barrena, M Martínez-Ripoll, JK Zhu, A Albert
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Structural basis for selective recognition of pneumococcal cell wall by modular endolysin from phage Cp-1
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Crystal structure of β-glucosidase A from Bacillus polymyxa: insights into the catalytic activity in family 1 glycosyl hydrolases
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New ultraviolet stabilizers: 3- and 5-(2'-hydroxyphenyl) pyrazoles
J Catalan, F Fabero, RM Claramunt, MD Santa Maria, MC Foces-Foces, ...
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Structural analysis of the Laetiporus sulphureus hemolytic pore-forming lectin in complex with sugars
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The structure of the C-terminal domain of the protein kinase AtSOS2 bound to the calcium sensor AtSOS3
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Structure of bacteriocin AS-48: from soluble state to membrane bound state
MJ Sánchez-Barrena, M Martınez-Ripoll, A Gálvez, E Valdivia, ...
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The crystal structure of copper metaborate, CuB2O4
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Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Crystallography and Crystal …, 1971
Structural basis of the regulatory mechanism of the plant CIPK family of protein kinases controlling ion homeostasis and abiotic stress
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Metallic Carbonyl Complexes Containing Heterocycle Nitrogen Ligands. 2. Tricarbonylbromo (3, 3'-R-2, 2'-biquinoline) Rhenium (I) Compounds
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Structural basis of PcsB-mediated cell separation in Streptococcus pneumoniae
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Insights into pneumococcal pathogenesis from the crystal structure of the modular teichoic acid phosphorylcholine esterase Pce
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Contribution to the development of new substitution patterns of optically active. beta.-lactams: synthesis of homochiral 4-(1-aminoalkyl) azetidin-2-ones from N-(tert …
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Structural biology of a major signaling network that regulates plant abiotic stress: The CBL-CIPK mediated pathway
MJ Sánchez-Barrena, M Martínez-Ripoll, A Albert
International journal of molecular sciences 14 (3), 5734-5749, 2013
Insights into pneumococcal fratricide from the crystal structures of the modular killing factor LytC
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Elucidation of the molecular recognition of bacterial cell wall by modular pneumococcal phage endolysin CPL-1
I Perez-Dorado, NE Campillo, B Monterroso, D Hesek, M Lee, JA Paez, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (34), 24990-24999, 2007
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