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Microbiomes associated with infective stages of root-knot and lesion nematodes in soil
A Elhady, A Giné, O Topalovic, S Jacquiod, SJ Sørensen, FJ Sorribas, ...
PloS one 12 (5), e0177145, 2017
Characterization of soil suppressiveness to root-knot nematodes in organic horticulture in plastic greenhouse
A Giné, M Carrasquilla, M Martínez-Alonso, N Gaju, FJ Sorribas
Frontiers in plant science 7, 164, 2016
Thermal requirements and population dynamics of root‐knot nematodes on cucumber and yield losses under protected cultivation
A Giné, M López‐Gómez, MD Vela, C Ornat, M Talavera, ...
Plant pathology 63 (6), 1446-1453, 2014
Natural occurrence of fungal egg parasites of root-knot nematodes, Meloidogyne spp. in organic and integrated vegetable production systems in Spain
A Giné, M Bonmatí, A Sarro, A Stchiegel, J Valero, C Ornat, C Fernández, ...
Biocontrol 58 (3), 407-416, 2013
Thermal time requirements of root-knot nematodes on zucchini-squash and population dynamics with associated yield losses on spring and autumn cropping cycles
MD Vela, A Giné, M López-Gómez, FJ Sorribas, C Ornat, S Verdejo-Lucas, ...
European journal of plant pathology 140 (3), 481-490, 2014
Damage functions and thermal requirements of Meloidogyne javanica and Meloidogyne incognita on watermelon
M López‐Gómez, A Giné, MD Vela, C Ornat, FJ Sorribas, M Talavera, ...
Annals of applied biology 165 (3), 466-473, 2014
Effect of plant resistance and BioAct WG (Purpureocillium lilacinum strain 251) on Meloidogyne incognita in a tomato–cucumber rotation in a greenhouse
A Giné, FJ Sorribas
Pest management science 73 (5), 880-887, 2017
Population dynamics of Meloidogyne incognita on cucumber grafted onto the Cucurbita hybrid RS841 or ungrafted and yield losses under protected cultivation
A Giné, C González, L Serrano, FJ Sorribas
European journal of plant pathology 148 (4), 795-805, 2017
Cucumis metuliferus reduces Meloidogyne incognita virulence against the Mi1.2 resistance gene in a tomato–melon rotation sequence
A Expósito, S García, A Giné, N Escudero, FJ Sorribas
Pest management science 75 (7), 1902-1910, 2019
Cucumis metuliferus is resistant to root‐knot nematode Mi1.2 gene (a)virulent isolates and a promising melon rootstock
A Expósito, M Munera, A Giné, M López‐Gómez, A Cáceres, B Picó, ...
Plant pathology 67 (5), 1161-1167, 2018
Quantitative approach for the early detection of selection for virulence of Meloidogyne incognita on resistant tomato in plastic greenhouses
A Giné, FJ Sorribas
Plant pathology 66 (8), 1338-1344, 2017
Response of two Citrullus amarus accessions to isolates of three species of Meloidogyne and their graft compatibility with watermelon
HA García-Mendívil, M Munera, A Giné, N Escudero, MB Picó, C Gisbert, ...
Crop protection 119, 208-213, 2019
Evaluation of two potential Cucumis spp. resources for grafting melons
C Gisbert, N Gammoudi, M Munera, A Giné, M Pocurull, FJ Sorribas, ...
V International Symposium on Cucurbits 1151, 157-162, 2015
Els nematodes fitoparàsits
FJ Sorribas Royo, A Giné, C Ornat Longarón
Agro-cultura. La revista de la producció ecològica i l'agroecologia, 25-28, 2014
Response of potential cucurbit rootstocks against Meloidogyne spp
M Munera, A Giné, M Pocurull Domènech, B Picó, C Gisbert, ...
Dinámica de población de Meloidogyne incognita en cultivo de tomate y de pepino en invernadero
A GINé, CO Longarón, X Sorribas
Phytoma España: La revista profesional de sanidad vegetal, 103, 2012
Tomato and melon Meloidogyne resistant rootstocks improve crop yield but melon fruit quality is influenced by the cropping season
A Expósito, M Pujolà, I Achaerandio, A Giné, N Escudero, AM Fullana, ...
Frontiers in Plant Science 11, 2020
Creation and Validation of a Temperature-Based Phenology Model for Meloidogyne incognita on Common Bean
A Giné Blasco, P Monfort Roca, FJ Sorribas Royo
Plants 10 (2), 240, 2021
Creation and Validation of a Temperature-Based Phenology Model for Meloidogyne incognita on Common Bean. Plants 2021, 10, 240
A Giné Blasco, P Monfort Roca, FJ Sorribas Royo
s Note: MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published …, 2021
Meloidogyne spp.(Nematodo de los nódulos o agallas de las raíces)
FJ Sorribas Royo, A Giné Blasco
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