Evan A.N. Marks
Evan A.N. Marks
CT BETA (Universitat de Vic - Universitat Catalunya Central)
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Biochars provoke diverse soil mesofauna reproductive responses in laboratory bioassays
EAN Marks, S Mattana, JM Alcañiz, X Domene
European Journal of Soil Biology 60, 104-111, 2014
Unintended effects of biochars on short-term plant growth in a calcareous soil
EAN Marks, JM Alcañiz, X Domene
Plant and soil 385 (1-2), 87-105, 2014
Conservation of soil organic carbon, biodiversity and the provision of other ecosystem services along climatic gradients in West Africa
E Marks, GKS Aflakpui, N Nkem, RM Poch, M Khouma, K Kokou, R Sagoe, ...
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Gasifier biochar effects on nutrient availability, organic matter mineralization, and soil fauna activity in a multi-year Mediterranean trial
EAN Marks, S Mattana, JM Alcañiz, E Pérez-Herrero, X Domene
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 215, 30-39, 2016
Application of a microalgal slurry to soil stimulates heterotrophic activity and promotes bacterial growth
EAN Marks, J Miñón, A Pascual, O Montero, LM Navas, C Rad
Science of the Total Environment 605, 610-617, 2017
Effects of nonylphenols on soil microbial activity and water retention
G Ojeda, J Patrício, H Navajas, L Comellas, JM Alcañiz, O Ortiz, E Marks, ...
Applied soil ecology 64, 77-83, 2013
Low-intensity livestock systems in Europe: an opportunity for quality products, recreation revenues and environmental conservation.
MT Sebastia, RM Canals, E Marks, R Llurba
Biodiversity and animal feed: future challenges for grassland production …, 2008
Soil carbon and plant diversity distribution at the farm level in the savannah region of Northern Togo (West Africa)
MT Sebastia, E Marks, RM Poch
Biogeosciences Discussions 5 (5), 4107-4127, 2008
The growth of filamentous microalgae is increased on biochar solid supports
R Kholssi, EAN Marks, O Montero, AP Maté, A Debdoubi, C Rad
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology 13, 182-185, 2018
Investigating the Use of Multi-Gaussian Nonlinear Regressions to Separate Collembolan Size Classes for Soil Quality Assessment
EAN Marks, R Molowny-Horas, X Domene
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 226 (8), 237, 2015
Biofertilizing Effect of Chlorella sorokiniana Suspensions on Wheat Growth
R Kholssi, EAN Marks, J Miñón, O Montero, A Debdoubi, C Rad
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 38 (2), 644-649, 2019
Biochar and soil structure: micromorphological identification for image analyses of porosity
E Marks, X Domene, RM Poch
Proceedings of the 14th international working meeting on soil …, 2012
The biostimulating effects of viable microalgal cells applied to a calcareous soil: Increases in bacterial biomass, phosphorus scavenging, and precipitation of carbonates
EAN Marks, O Montero, C Rad
Science of The Total Environment 692, 784-790, 2019
Biofertilizing effect of rhizo-and cianobacterial consortia in wheat
R Kholssi, EA Marks, G Sacristan, O Montero, A Debdoubi, C Rad
Journal of Biotechnology 305, S21-S21, 2019
Determination of EC₅₀ values for Cu, Zn, and Cr on microorganisms activity in a Mediterranean sandy soil
V Carabassa, X Domene, O Ortiz Perpiñà, EAN Marks, JM Alcañiz
CLEAN: soil, air, water, 2018
Nutrient recycling and potential uses of biochars produced using a farm-scale TLUD gasifier in Nicaragua
EAN Marks, MM Jara Muns, OR Lanuza, C Rad, A Herrera
Continuing and Proposed Studies on the Management and Conservation of Biodiversity and Soil Carbon in Western Africa
EA Marks, JM Ubalde, RM Poch, MT Sebastia
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts, 2007
Advanced COMPOST and BIOCHAR Processings: Solution for Economical PHOSPHORUS Recovery Toledo, 17-18th September 2015
J Miñón, A Pascual, EAN Marks, LM Navas, C Rad
Biochar and soil structure: micromorphological identification for
EAN Marks, X Domene, RM Poch
image 1 (2), 1, 0
Determination of EC50 Values for Cu, Zn, and Cr on Microorganisms Activity in a Mediterranean Sandy Soil
V Carabassa, X Domene, O Ortiz, EAN Marks, JM Alcañiz
CLEAN–Soil, Air, Water, 1700617, 0
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