Francesco Barbato
Francesco Barbato
UniversitÚ de Bordeaux, CNRS, CEA, CELIA
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G Cristoforetti, A Cola´tis, L Antonelli, S Atzeni, F Baffigi, D Batani, ...
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ArgonCube: a novel, fully-modular approach for the realization of large-mass liquid argon TPC neutrino detectors
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Optical techniques to study the dust resuspension problem in case of LOVA: Comparison of results obtained with PIV and Shadowgraph
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X-ray phase-contrast imaging for laser-induced shock waves
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X-ray absorption spectroscopy probing hydrogen in metals
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Extreme Ultraviolet Stokesmeter for Pulsed Magneto-Optics
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X-ray Phase-Contrast Imaging of Strong Shocks.
N Woolsey, L Antonelli, M Khan, R Scott, K Glize, W Theobald, P Nilson, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2019
Propagation-based imaging phase-contrast enhanced imaging setup for single shot acquisition using laser-generated X-ray sources
F Barbato, D Batani, D Mancelli, J Trela, G Zeraouli, G Boutoux, ...
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M Afshari, L Antonelli, F Barbato, G Folpini, K Jakubowska, E Krousky, ...
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Physical Simulation of plasma-tungsten interaction in NFR
F Barbato, L Ciannbella, P Gaudio, R Montanan, M Richetta, L Antonelli
X-ray High-resolution Spectroscopy for Laser-produced Plasma
M Richetta, A Malizia, P Gaudio, L Antonelli, F Barbato, D Scarpellini
Physics Procedia 62, 2015
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