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Chronic stress alters inhibitory networks in the medial prefrontal cortex of adult mice
J Gilabert-Juan, E Castillo-Gomez, R Guirado, MD Moltó, J Nacher
Brain Structure and Function 218 (6), 1591-1605, 2013
Chronic stress induces changes in the structure of interneurons and in the expression of molecules related to neuronal structural plasticity and inhibitory neurotransmission in …
J Gilabert-Juan, E Castillo-Gomez, M Pérez-Rando, MD Moltó, J Nacher
Experimental neurology 232 (1), 33-40, 2011
Expression of PSA-NCAM and synaptic proteins in the amygdala of psychiatric disorder patients
E Varea, R Guirado, J Gilabert-Juan, U Martí, E Castillo-Gomez, ...
Journal of psychiatric research 46 (2), 189-197, 2012
The polysialylated form of the neural cell adhesion molecule (PSA-NCAM) is expressed in a subpopulation of mature cortical interneurons characterized by reduced structural …
MÁ Gómez-Climent, R Guirado, E Castillo-Gomez, E Varea, ...
Cerebral cortex 21 (5), 1028-1041, 2011
Alterations in the expression of PSA-NCAM and synaptic proteins in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex of psychiatric disorder patients
J Gilabert-Juan, E Varea, R Guirado, JM Blasco-Ibánez, C Crespo, ...
Neuroscience letters 530 (1), 97-102, 2012
A “double hit” murine model for schizophrenia shows alterations in the structure and neurochemistry of the medial prefrontal cortex and the hippocampus
J Gilabert-Juan, M Belles, AR Saez, H Carceller, S Zamarbide-Fores, ...
Neurobiology of Disease 59, 126-140, 2013
Early social isolation stress and perinatal NMDA receptor antagonist treatment induce changes in the structure and neurochemistry of inhibitory neurons of the adult amygdala …
E Castillo-Gómez, M Pérez-Rando, M Bellés, J Gilabert-Juan, JV Llorens, ...
Eneuro 4 (2), 2017
Altered distribution of hippocampal interneurons in the murine Down Syndrome model Ts65Dn
S Hernández-González, R Ballestín, R López-Hidalgo, J Gilabert-Juan, ...
Neurochemical research 40 (1), 151-164, 2015
Reduced interneuronal dendritic arborization in CA1 but not in CA3 region of mice subjected to chronic mild stress
J Gilabert‐Juan, C Bueno‐Fernandez, E Castillo‐Gomez, J Nacher
Brain and behavior 7 (2), e00534, 2017
Semaphorin and plexin gene expression is altered in the prefrontal cortex of schizophrenia patients with and without auditory hallucinations
J Gilabert-Juan, AR Sáez, G Lopez-Campos, N Sebastiá-Ortega, ...
Psychiatry research 229 (3), 850-857, 2015
Post-weaning social isolation rearing influences the expression of molecules related to inhibitory neurotransmission and structural plasticity in the amygdala of adult rats
J Gilabert-Juan, MD Moltó, J Nacher
Brain research 1448, 129-136, 2012
Sex-specific association of the ST8SIAII gene with schizophrenia in a Spanish population
J Gilabert-Juan, J Nacher, J Sanjuán, MD Moltó
Psychiatry research 210 (3), 1293-1295, 2013
Cell metabolic alterations due to Mcph1 mutation in microcephaly
N Journiac, J Gilabert-Juan, S Cipriani, P Benit, X Liu, S Jacquier, ...
Cell Reports 31 (2), 107506, 2020
Altered expression of neuropeptides in the primary somatosensory cortex of the Down syndrome model Ts65Dn
S Hernández, J Gilabert-Juan, JM Blasco-Ibáñez, C Crespo, J Nácher, ...
Neuropeptides 46 (1), 29-37, 2012
Astrocytes of the murine model for Down Syndrome Ts65Dn display reduced intracellular ionic zinc
R Ballestín, JM Blasco-Ibáñez, C Crespo, J Nacher, R López-Hidalgo, ...
Neurochemistry international 75, 48-53, 2014
Non-cell-autonomous OTX2 transcription factor regulates anxiety-related behavior in the mouse
C Vincent, J Gilabert-Juan, R Gibel-Russo, D Alvarez-Fischer, MO Krebs, ...
Molecular psychiatry 26 (11), 6469-6480, 2021
Hypocellularity in the murine model for Down syndrome Ts65Dn is not affected by adult neurogenesis
R López-Hidalgo, R Ballestín, J Vega, JM Blasco-Ibáñez, C Crespo, ...
Frontiers in Neuroscience 10, 75, 2016
Δ-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol treatment during adolescence and alterations in the inhibitory networks of the adult prefrontal cortex in mice subjected to perinatal NMDA receptor …
C Garcia-Mompo, Y Curto, H Carceller, J Gilabert-Juan, ...
Translational psychiatry 10 (1), 1-13, 2020
Genética del temperamento en niños
J Ivorra-Martínez, J Gilabert-Juan, MD Moltó-Ruiz, J Sanjuán
Rev. neurol.(Ed. impr.), 418-423, 2007
FOXP2 expression and gray matter density in the male brains of patients with schizophrenia
J Sanjuán, XH Castro-Martínez, G García-Martí, J González-Fernández, ...
Brain Imaging and Behavior 15 (3), 1403-1411, 2021
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