Ane M. Urtiaga
Ane M. Urtiaga
Professor Chemical Engineering. Universidad de Cantabria
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State of the art and review on the treatment technologies of water reverse osmosis concentrates
A Pérez-González, AM Urtiaga, R Ibáñez, I Ortiz
Water research 46 (2), 267-283, 2012
Contributions of electrochemical oxidation to waste‐water treatment: fundamentals and review of applications
A Anglada, A Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 84 (12), 1747-1755, 2009
Electro-oxidation of reverse osmosis concentrates generated in tertiary water treatment
G Perez, A Fernandez-Alba, AM Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Water research 44, 2763-2772, 2010
Ammonium removal from landfill leachate by anodic oxidation
A Cabeza, A Urtiaga, MJ Rivero, I Ortiz
Journal of hazardous materials 144 (3), 715-719, 2007
Pilot scale performance of the electro-oxidation of landfill leachate at boron-doped diamond anodes
A Anglada, A Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Environmental science & technology 43 (6), 2035-2040, 2009
Boron-doped diamond anodic treatment of landfill leachate: evaluation of operating variables and formation of oxidation by-products
Á Anglada, A Urtiaga, I Ortiz, D Mantzavinos, E Diamadopoulos
Water research 45 (2), 828-838, 2011
Removal of pharmaceuticals from a WWTP secondary effluent by ultrafiltration/reverse osmosis followed by electrochemical oxidation of the RO concentrate
AM Urtiaga, G Pérez, R Ibáñez, I Ortiz
Desalination 331, 26-34, 2013
Pervaporative dehydration of industrial solvents using a zeolite NaA commercial membrane
A Urtiaga, ED Gorri, C Casado, I Ortiz
Separation and purification technology 32 (1-3), 207-213, 2003
Extraction of Cr (VI) with Aliquat 336 in hollow fiber contactors: mass transfer analysis and modeling
AI Alonso, AM Urtiaga, A Irabien, MI Ortiz
Chemical engineering science 49 (6), 901-909, 1994
Electrochemical Treatment of Landfill Leachates Using a Boron-Doped Diamond Anode
A Cabeza, AM Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 46, 1439–1446, 2007
Kinetics of electro-oxidation of ammonia-N, nitrites and COD from a recirculating aquaculture saline water system using BDD anodes
V Díaz, R Ibáñez, P Gómez, AM Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Water research 45 (1), 125-134, 2011
Equilibrium and kinetics of chromium (VI) extraction with Aliquat 336
E Salazar, MI Ortiz, AM Urtiaga, JA Irabien
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 31 (6), 1516-1522, 1992
Mixed gas separation study for the hydrogen recovery from H2/CO/N2/CO2 post combustion mixtures using a Matrimid membrane
OC David, D Gorri, A Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Journal of Membrane Science 378, 359-368, 2011
Assessment of the formation of inorganic oxidation by-products during the electrocatalytic treatment of ammonium from landfill leachates
G Perez, J Saiz, R ibañez, AM Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Water Research 46, 2579-2590, 2012
Kinetics of the separation-concentration of chromium (VI) with emulsion liquid membranes
E Salazar, MI Ortiz, AM Urtiaga, JA Irabien
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 31 (6), 1523-1529, 1992
Integrated treatment of landfill leachates including electrooxidation at pilot plant scale
A Urtiaga, A Rueda, Á Anglada, I Ortiz
Journal of hazardous materials 166 (2-3), 1530-1534, 2009
Comparison of liquid membrane processes for the removal of cadmium from wet phosphoric acid
AM Urtiaga, A Alonso, I Ortiz, JA Daoud, SA El-Reefy, SP de Ortiz, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 164 (1-2), 229-240, 2000
Laboratory and pilot plant scale study on the electrochemical oxidation of landfill leachate
A Anglada, AM Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Journal of hazardous materials 181, 729-735, 2010
Nanofiltration separation of polyvalent and monovalent anions in desalination brines
A Pérez-González, R Ibáñez, P Gómez, AM Urtiaga, I Ortiz, JA Irabien
Journal of membrane science 473, 16-27, 2015
Nitrate removal from electro-oxidized landfill leachate by ion exchange
O Primo, MJ Rivero, AM Urtiaga, I Ortiz
Journal of Hazardous Materials 164, 389-393, 2009
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