Alessandra Manzin
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Evaluation of different analytical and semi-analytical methods for the design of ELF magnetic field shields
A Canova, A Manzin, M Tartaglia
IEEE Transactions on Industry applications 38 (3), 788-796, 2002
Approach to magnetic losses and their frequency dependence in Mn–Zn ferrites
F Fiorillo, C Beatrice, O Bottauscio, A Manzin, M Chiampi
Applied physics letters 89 (12), 122513, 2006
Numerical analysis of magnetic shielding efficiency of multilayered screens
O Bottauscio, M Chiampi, A Manzin
IEEE transactions on magnetics 40 (2), 726-729, 2004
Additional losses in induction machines under synchronous no-load conditions
O Bottauscio, M Chiampi, A Manzin, M Zucca
IEEE transactions on magnetics 40 (5), 3254-3261, 2004
Element-free Galerkin method in eddy-current problems with ferromagnetic media
O Bottauscio, M Chiampi, A Manzin
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 42 (5), 1577-1584, 2006
Element-free Galerkin method for the analysis of electromagnetic-wave scattering
A Manzin, O Bottauscio
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 44 (6), 1366-1369, 2008
Anisotropic magnetoresistance state space of permalloy nanowires with domain wall pinning geometry
H Corte-León, V Nabaei, A Manzin, J Fletcher, P Krzysteczko, ...
Scientific reports 4 (1), 1-10, 2014
Field and circuit approaches for diffusion phenomena in magnetic cores
O Bottauscio, A Manzin, A Canova, M Chiampi, G Gruosso, M Repetto
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 40 (2), 1322-1325, 2004
Visualisation of edge effects in side-gated graphene nanodevices
V Panchal, A Lartsev, A Manzin, R Yakimova, A Tzalenchuk, O Kazakova
Scientific reports 4, 5881, 2014
A micromagnetic study of the reversal mechanism in permalloy antidot arrays
B Van de Wiele, A Manzin, A Vansteenkiste, O Bottauscio, L Dupré, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (5), 053915, 2012
Traceability of electrolytic conductivity measurements to the International System of Units in the sub mS m− 1 region and review of models of electrolytic conductivity cells
S Seitz, A Manzin, HD Jensen, PT Jakobsen, P Spitzer
Electrochimica Acta 55 (22), 6323-6331, 2010
Advanced model for dynamic analysis of electromechanical devices
O Bottauscio, M Chiampi, A Manzin
IEEE transactions on magnetics 41 (1), 36-46, 2005
Connections between numerical behavior and physical parameters in the micromagnetic computation of static hysteresis loops
A Manzin, O Bottauscio
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (9), 093917, 2010
Kinetic model for multidimensional opinion formation
L Boudin, R Monaco, F Salvarani
Physical Review E 81 (3), 036109, 2010
Modeling of anisotropic magnetoresistance properties of permalloy nanostructures
A Manzin, V Nabaei, H Corte-León, O Kazakova, P Krzysteczko, ...
IEEE transactions on magnetics 50 (4), 1-4, 2014
Influence of lattice defects on the ferromagnetic resonance behaviour of 2D magnonic crystals
A Manzin, G Barrera, F Celegato, M Coïsson, P Tiberto
Scientific Reports 6 (22004), 2016
Computation of eddy current losses in soft magnetic composites
C Appino, O Bottauscio, O de La Barrière, F Fiorillo, A Manzin, C Ragusa
IEEE transactions on magnetics 48 (11), 3470-3473, 2012
Nonlinear homogenization technique for saturable soft magnetic composites
O Bottauscio, VC Piat, M Chiampi, M Codegone, A Manzin
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 44 (11), 2955-2958, 2008
A finite element procedure for dynamic micromagnetic computations
O Bottauscio, M Chiampi, A Manzin
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 44 (11), 3149-3152, 2008
Micromagnetic modelling of the anisotropy properties of permalloy antidot arrays with hexagonal symmetry
A Manzin, O Bottauscio
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 45 (9), 095001, 2012
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