Peter Jenniskens
Peter Jenniskens
SETI Institute
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Chelyabinsk airburst, damage assessment, meteorite recovery, and characterization.
OP Popova, P Jenniskens, V Emelyanenko, A Karthasova, E Biryukov, ...
Science 342, 1069-1073, 2013
Structural transitions in amorphous water ice and astrophysical implications
P Jenniskens, DF Blake
Science 265 (5173), 753-756, 1994
Meteor showers and their parent comets
P Jenniskens
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 2006
Cometary origin of the zodiacal cloud and carbonaceous micrometeorites. Implications for hot debris disks
D Nesvorný, P Jenniskens, HF Levison, WF Bottke, D Vokrouhlický, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 713 (2), 816, 2010
The impact and recovery of asteroid 2008 TC3
P Jenniskens, MH Shaddad, D Numan, S Elsir, AM Kudoda, ME Zolensky, ...
Nature 458 (7237), 485, 2009
Crystallization of amorphous water ice in the solar system
P Jenniskens, DF Blake
The Astrophysical Journal 473 (2), 1104, 1996
High-density amorphous ice, the frost on interstellar grains
P Jenniskens, DF Blake, MA Wilson, A Pohorille
Liquid water in the domain of cubic crystalline ice
P Jenniskens, SF Banham, DF Blake, MRS McCoustra
The Journal of chemical physics 107 (4), 1232-1241, 1997
Meteor stream activity I. The annual streams
P Jenniskens
Astronomy and Astrophysics 287, 990-1013, 1994
A survey of diffuse interstellar bands (3800-8680 A)
P Jenniskens, FX Désert
Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series 106, 39-78, 1994
Meteor stream activity. 2: Meteor outbursts
P Jenniskens
Astronomy and Astrophysics 295, 206, 1995
Radar-enabled recovery of the Sutter’s Mill meteorite, a carbonaceous chondrite regolith breccia
P Jenniskens, MD Fries, QZ Yin, M Zolensky, AN Krot, SA Sandford, ...
Science 338 (6114), 1583-1587, 2012
CAMS: Cameras for Allsky Meteor Surveillance to establish minor meteor showers
P Jenniskens, PS Gural, L Dynneson, BJ Grigsby, KE Newman, M Borden, ...
Icarus 216 (1), 40-61, 2011
Carbon dust formation on interstellar grains
P Jenniskens, GA Baratta, A Kouchi, MS De Groot, JM Greenberg, ...
Astronomy and Astrophysics 273, 583, 1993
Dynamical model for the zodiacal cloud and sporadic meteors
D Nesvorný, D Janches, D Vokrouhlický, P Pokorný, WF Bottke, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 743 (2), 129, 2011
Meteors: A delivery mechanism of organic matter to the early Earth
P Jenniskens, MA Wilson, D Packan, CO Laux, CH Krüger, ID Boyd, ...
Leonid Storm Research, 57-70, 2000
Postflight aerothermal analysis of the stardust sample return capsule
KA Trumble, I Cozmuta, S Sepka, P Jenniskens, M Winter
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 47 (5), 765-774, 2010
Time resolved spectroscopy of a Leonid fireball afterglow
J Borovička, P Jenniskens
Earth, Moon, and Planets 82, 399-428, 1998
The established meteor showers as observed by CAMS
P Jenniskens, Q Nénon, J Albers, PS Gural, B Haberman, D Holman, ...
Icarus 266, 331-354, 2016
Atmospheric behavior and extreme beginning heights of the thirteen brightest photographic Leonid meteors from the ground‐based expedition to China
P Spurný, H Betlem, J Leven, P Jenniskens
Meteoritics & Planetary Science 35 (2), 243-249, 2000
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